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Somebody asked me, "What is your favorite memory of your sub?"

This was my response

The time I ordered a meatball with pickles and mayonnaise because I was craving a hamburger. Kidding! (not about the sub, that actually happened, just about the lame sub pun) I don't normally talk about play, I strongly believe in confidentiality, but there's one session I think it's okay to talk about because it was a performance and a public play party and my play partner loves the attention because she's trying to build a career in porn. She's also one of my current regular partners and we talk about our play publicly and openly, often on Twitter. I'm going to add a content note because my story involves needles and penetration though. I'm also going to warn that I'm not the best at narrative writing. The stage was elevated about 2 feet off the ground, and had two pieces of equipment on it, a Saint Andrew's Cross and a bondage horse. There was an attractive woman on the cross being whipped by a man with a single tail. I wasn't paying attention to what was going on over there, because my beautiful young blonde trans partner and I were on the bondage horse. We had started the session with some light sensation play as I undressed her. I don't remember what she was wearing, but she's big into cosplay and I'm pretty sure she had started the session in a sailor schoolgirl outfit. I had her legs secured and she was sitting up as I kneeled on the other half of the equipment, facing her, and did an awful job giving her sissy makeup. I kind of specialize in forced feminization fetish, and it's rare to see that kind of play at parties, so it attracts an interesting crowd. When she was all dolled up, and I mean looking like a literal doll with her hair in pigtails and heavily exaggerated makeup, I got up, walked behind her, and secured a spider gag from behind. We were doing a public scene, so being able to see her face and front was important, so I let her lean forward on her hands instead of securing her completely to the equipment. I gloved up, took out my steel prostate plug (njoy pfun plug, for anyone curious) held it in front of her eyes, condomed it and applied a generous amount of lube to the tip. I then applied lube to my fingers and her bottom. I don't want to go into too lurid of details, but after the plug was in place, I got the idea of flogging her back. This wasn't a planned part of the scene, but she responded so well to the prostate plug that I wanted to know if I could give her a massage with a flogger. It worked as intended, and she was dueling from her mouth and dripping from her, you know... At this point, a dungeon monitor actually came to the front of the stage and handed me a plastic sheet. Oops. When we had played like that for a while, I took out her gag, took her legs out of bondage, and took her off the stage and into the audience, where we had a massage table set up with my needles kit and a sharps container next to it. Her eyes were wide. My baby loves needles and this would be her second time trying them. She was a bit of a novice, so I only placed a couple of needles in each point, two in each pectoral area (the place most ppl make and endorphin button) and a couple on her pubic mound. I remember her begging for each needle as I unsheathed them in front of her eyes. She had a huge smile on her face, begging me, "yes Mistress, please stick me with it!" It was adorable. When the needles were in, I flicked them a few times and played with them a bit, and when it came time to withdraw them, I remember taking one half out, then piercing it through the skin again half way through. I'm a bit of a sadist. After that, I cleaned her off and bandaged her up, and took her to the aftercare room. It was basically a bunch of futon mattresses on the floor with fresh sheets on them. She flopped down and I lied next to her. I'm a big girl, 6'0, and I make a good big spoon. As I held her, she started crying, then apologizimg for crying. We stayed like that for a while, silent and just sort of holding each other in this room full of mattresses lit with little white Christmas lights. I lost track of time, but it only felt like 15 or 20 minutes before I saw the dungeon crew starting to clean up. I asked what time it was, and he said "1am." I was in disbelief, we had started playing at about 9pm. He said, "yeah, you've two have been playing all night." He then told me we put on a good show. I dunno. Maybe I'm not so bad at narratives. I don't normally like these stories because they seem made up or like bragging, so sorry if I made your eyes roll out of yr head. Also, I'm going to make a copy of this for my own records and maybe publish it on my blog, so delete it if it's not allowed. It's been really nice typing this out though, it brings back memories and it was a really special session. Like, it was neat to be playing up on a stage like that, but it was kinda also special because I feel like it brought us closer together. We had only played together once previously, and now she's become one of my favourite people.  

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