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Workshop Facilitation, Public Speaking & Consulting

Experiential knowledge in organizing & social justice

I have a background in public speaking and workshop facilitation. I am available to come speak at your conference or event on the following subjects:

  • Sex work

  • Transgender issues

  • Consent & Boundaries

  • Community Accountability

  • Transformative Justice

  • Sex education

  • Building a compassionate culture

  • Sustainable activism

Want to learn more about my activism?

Get in touch and lets have tea.


Some of my writing and speaking can be seen at:

Some Of the Talks and Workshops I Offer

This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you have questions about a workshop on a topic not covered here, please contact me.

Making Love to A Trans Woman; a Facilitated Discussion for Women

Do you have a trans girlfriend? Do you have a crush on a trans woman? Perhaps you're just curious about how intimacy would work with a trans woman. Our ideas about trans lesbian sex are heavily influenced by politics and porn. In this discussion, we'll work to examine the stereotypes, myths and hangups around trans women's sexuality and present the real facts. This workshop should answer your questions as well as give you a space where it's safe to ask your own.

The Burden of Transformation

Transformative justice activists and facilitators place themselves in close proximity to trauma and force us to ask painful questions. Owing to the nature of their work, they often become ostracized. In this facilitated talk, we'll look at the theory of transformative justice, why anyone would choose to work with people who cause harm, how this work can make for powerful and accountable communities, and how we can support these activists.

Practicing Consent Like A Dominatrix

The #metoo movement has brought a discussion of consent into the mainstream. It's a discussion that the kink community has been having for years. As women leaders in the kink community, dominatrices often take on the burden of building good consent in their own lives as well as their communities. In this facilitated discussion, we will look at the lessons that dominant women have learned in the kink community and see how we can apply them to our own communities and sexual encounters.

Confronting Harm

When we have been harmed, be it by an individual, organization or culture, there are several ways we can respond. In this workshop, we'll look at a couple of different tools we have to bring attention to harmful behaviour, the pros and cons of each approach, and how they can be used to inspire positive change.

Speak With Us, Not About Us: How Feminism is Failing Sex Workers

In the wake of #metoo, many feminists were asking, “where are the stories from sex workers?” In this talk, we'll look at why sex workers feel unsafe sharing their stories in feminist spaces and how we, as women leaders, can bring create movements that are conductive to sex worker solidarity.

Transactional & Occupational Consent

If good consent is freely given, does that mean that sex workers and clients are practicing bad consent? The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. In this workshop, we'll deconstruct the myth of “selling your body” and delve into the ways sex workers become consent wizards in order to build a hustle they can sustain.

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