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Gender exploration play

Good evening my lovelies.

I've had a number of requests recently for my forced feminization sessions, but light on the humiliation and pain aspects. As a Dominatrix, you wonder about inquiries like this. Why are you contacting a Domme if you don't want pain or humiliation? Do you maybe want an escort? I do enjoy turning boys into girls, so I've taken on a few of these clients, and I think after some trial and error, I completely understand.

When you're in the male role, it can be really difficult to explore your femininity, and almost impossible to explore intimacy from a feminine space. When you see a Domme who's building a career out of feminizing people, and she's also a woman who has transitioned, it can present a unique opportunity. The problem is, maybe you don't like pain, or maybe you want to be intimate with a powerful woman, but not have hurtful names thrown at you.

When I'm with a client, and I realize that the feminization fetish is more than just a kink, it creates a really special moment for me. As a Domme, you get to be involved in some positive aspects of people's growth, helping them explore their sexuality and kinks in a safe way, but very rarely do you get to be involved in something as powerful as someone's gender exploration. When a client looks at their feminized self in the mirror, and starts to cry tears of happiness, that's so special and emotional for me. It brings up so many memories for me. It's a moment I am so proud to be a part of as a sex worker.

There's so many reasons people don't come out as gender diverse. For me it was because of fear of losing my partner and the life we had built together. It is terrible to feel trapped, and to expect to maintain masculine roles, to always be the man in bed. Among other things, it can cause sexual dysfunction. I wish I had known the things I know now when I was struggling with it. I wish I knew the tricks to maintain an interest in sex with a partner. I wish I had someone who could make love to me like I was a woman, or teach me how to love myself the way a woman does.

Because of my recent positive experiences, and how happy these sessions have made me, I'm going to be offering gender affirming play as well as intimacy surrogacy for gender dysphoria. It should be noted that I'm not a sexologist and have no formal training in counselling, so these sessions will be entirely based on my own personal experience as a transgender activist and as a Domme who has a number of gender diverse partners. These sessions are by no means a replacement for formal therapy, counselling, or medical treatment.

My gender affirming play will involve a play style that has you, my play partner, done up like a woman for the session. As we play, the focus of the session won't be on your femininity, but you'll be allowed to experience the session the way a trans girl does. No pain you don't want. No sissy humiliation unless you request it. You will simply be a woman for the duration of the session, and we will play as though you are one. This will probably include compliments of you being a good girl and a pretty girl.

Intimacy surrogacy for gender dysphoria will be similar, but it will be specifically about accepting yourself, enjoying your body, affirming your gender, and opening up about your journey. You may also ask me questions about my journey, and maybe I'll share clothes and cosmetics tips, as well as help you find your community. Kink wise, it will be the lightest form of play that I offer, and it will focus on making you feel beautiful, or exploring why you don't, and sending you positive vibes as we explore intimacy.

My play style is very slow and sensual, so I would suggest two hours for either one of these. This will give us time to apply your cosmetics, explore your body, and have ample emotional aftercare where we can talk about gender and sexuality. Of course, if you don't want to talk too much, a one hour session may suffice.

If this sounds like it might be something that could help you, feel free to send me a booking request and specify that you're looking to explore your femininity. Tell me whether you'd like a forced feminization session, where your femininity is used as a tool of erotic humiliation. a gender affirming session, where we have a regular session with you in a feminine role, or a surrogacy session, where we focus on your femininity in a positive way, without pain and humiliation. Of course, I'm always willing to do forced fem and dial back or withhold certain types of play or words at your request, or we could start with one type of play and see where it goes, a kind of gender exploration play.

If you're trans, nonbinary or questioning, and you'd like to explore your own feminine intimacy, send me a message. Let's do something beautiful together.

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