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Give trans girls your money

Hello sinners and perverts! I just wanted to check in and share some thoughts. This post will mostly be about my experiences with sex work, but I promise my perverts that I have a very juicy piece of forced feminization erotica I'm working on featuring Me. I started it a few days ago, but it's become much longer than I had anticipated, and I want to make sure it's tittilating and descriptive enough for my adoring little girlies. When that's complete, I'll post it in this blog.

I know that my playthings are sometimes turned off when I refer to my tributed play as sex work. You may refer to it by any name you wish, but the type of play I do is very much affected by the same laws and stigma that affect sex workers and their clients. I feel a strong need to advance the rights of sex workers and clients. That way, you may continue to work hard in order to sign your paycheque over to your demonic Priestess and we can have safe and healthy sessions for years to come.

I'm on staycation right now and I'm slowly working through my little stack of 20s and 50s. This is the first real vacation I've had since I started doing sex work. I was off for a little bit a couple months ago, but my hustle was not as established as it is now and I was doing a lot of marketing.

It's just so amazing to be able to have a little tiny bit of cash to enjoy myself. I've been going out for coffee, eating fancy cheese and wine, buying bath bombs, and just enjoying my freedom. I haven't had this freedom since I had my first full time job and still lived at home. I was so used to spending my entire paycheque on essentials the frist week after payday that I forgot what it's like to be able to go into a shop and actually walk out with an impulse purchase.

When I first started this work, I was asked how I felt after my first session. It was a hands on and very sexual session, and I was still discovering what my boundaries were. To be honest, after that first session the only thing I felt was happy to have money. I went out and bought a fancy Starbucks drink and some wine then hung out with my friend and didn't really think about it. I felt neither disgusted nor empowered after the session, I just felt happy to have a little bit of cash.

It's funny, because of my humble beginnings I still have a lot of connections to the working poor and poverty advocates. Many of these activists believe strongly in redistributing wealth. Many of these activists also chide me for being a sex worker, yet many of these activists have no qualms about asking me for money when they find out I'm doing sex work. Personally, I can think of no faster way to redistribute wealth from the bourgeois to proletariat trans women than through sex work. If there's any ethical consumption under capitalism, it certainly involves t-girls. So perverts, give trans girls your money, it's your social and civic responsibility.

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