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Spiritual Sadism - The Ritual of Redemption

"Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing."

-August Wilson


I've blogged before about how I enjoy fulfilling fantasies and tailoring experiences. This is all fine for the experienced submissive who knows exactly what they want, but it can be daunting to tell someone who is inexperienced at visiting a Domme to help build your own fantasy. It's for this reason that I created the ritual.

The coven that initiated me, and later ordained me, was considered an Alexandrian coven, but we encouraged witches to keep their own Books of Shadows, study other traditions, talk about their learning, write what was useful and worship in their own way. This made our coven partially like a book club or a reading club that occasionally got naked by the river and drank wine in the moonlight. The ritual was created from bits of my past as a Wiccan priestess, combined with Mesopotamian, and Abrahamic elements, with just a tiny pinch of Anton Lavey. The rite itself, in this context, would be considered a form of pagan ritual sex. Some people would call it tantra, but I don't like appropriating that word from eastern religions.

The ritual, or rite, or Ritual of Redemption gives me a really easy path to follow to extract your interests. It's an excellent way to play on a first date, and I'm itching to perform the ritual in a church themed dungeon I recently was given access to. Oh how I'd love to tie a boy to the pentagram altar of that church and extract his sins with the tingle and sting of a violet wand!

The ritual begins when you enter the dungeon. I would invite you in, likely dressed in black PVC or a black corset. Wiccans often worship skyclad (nude) but would also wear black because it's ability to conduct energies. You can feel this conductive property if you've ever worn black on a sunny day.

You enter the dungeon, and I instruct you to your knees. It's at this point that you may ask me questions about the session and ease your nerves. I understand you are nervous, I'm a sadist and I want to hurt you, but I promise I will never harm you. If you are particularly nervous, I may offer you a sip of sacramental wine. You may have a bit, but you need your nerves about you to play safely. After your questions are answered, you will present my tribute. You may take this time to grovel at my feet, worship my boots, and if you're lucky, you may be allowed to worship my body.

After I feel you've shown enough humility, I will lead you to the altar. This may be a bed, this may be a bench, this may be a cross. At this altar, I will extract your confession using light sadism; tools like claws, wartenberg wheels, or a violet wand with a glass electrode. While I'm teasing and touching you, I'll be asking you questions: What do you like? What do you expect to get out of this? When was the last time you slept with a t-girl? Did you pay her? What do you like about t-girls? Your penance will be determined by this inquisition.

There are a few ways you may pay for your sins, and I'll often give you a choice. Don't get caught up in it too much, because we likely will change your penance as the rite unfolds. It might involve acts of piety, where you follow my instruction and worship my body, or you follow my instruction and serve me and the church or the dungeon. It could involve pious humility, things such as face spitting and several other delightfully humiliating punishments that are too nasty to blog about. It could involve flagellation, where you are tortured to your limits with paddles, whips and hands. It might involve more sensual punishments where your body's pleasure response is used to betray you and make you squirm. Or, my favorite, pure ritual sadism.

The last option, ritual sadism, is something that's mostly reserved for experienced masochists. It tests the level of my sadism and my experience, and it really is it's own rite. It requires the feedback and input of the masochist as we work together to give you the endorphin high you crave. It involves breathing together, connecting our energies and having you communicate with me to climb each rung of the pain and endorphin ladder. When I talk about endorphin arts, this is what I'm talking about. This is the type of play that's most dangerous for me and for you, and it's not the type of play either of us can do if either of us is uncomfortable. This play might involve heavy impact toys, such as canes, or tools such as needles, urethral sounds, or hot wax. Needles are my favorite.

After you've paid for your sins and you're feeling satisfied, you may be granted forgiveness in my arms. This is the aftercare session, and it might involve restoring your blood sugar level, descending the endorphin ladder, calming your nerves, enjoying your afterglow, or just being together silently.

When new submissives ask me how I like to play, this is the answer I normally give. The ritual gives me a good place to start and allows you a taste of spiritual sexuality. There are many other ways I like to play ritualistically, and if we've done this rite, we can move on to another in the future.

If you'd like to give me your confession and recieve your penance, book a session. Ritual BDSM is available in a dungeon, in a boudoir, or as an outcall service.

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