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The T-Girl and the Chaser

A young man recently approached me and told me that he wanted to find a transsexual girlfriend. He said that he thought our bodies were beautiful, and asked where he could meet trans women. I told him, "have you tried the TS Escorts section of Backpage?" He scoffed, "I don't want a hooker!"

I hear this occasionally, and it strikes me as funny. You want to objectify our bodies, you want to indulge in a fantasy for your own sexual purposes, but when we throw out a dollar amount, you believe you should be entitled to it for free.

Rather early in my involvement in the kink community, I discovered that kink is a very expensive hobby. If I was going to indulge in the way that I wanted to, I would have to find extra income. I eventually met a Pro Domme who told me that it takes a community to make a Domme. She encouraged me to set a price by explaining that if men want to be a part of what I have to offer, they need to be willing to invest in my expensive fetish attire, gear, furniture, education and travel. Being a Domme is expensive, and men don't have a right to us for free. It didn't take me long to apply the same logic to transitioning.

There are certain things I want out of my transition: boob job, facial surgeries, orchiectomy, voice therapy, and electrolysis. These are things that a lot of trans women want, but we are often denied economic opportunities and we have limited means to bankroll them ourselves. We do, however, have one economic opportunity, a small group of men who adore our bodies and are willing to invest in them. Just like it takes a community to create a Domme, it often takes a community to create a transsexual.

I feel that chasers, short for "tranny chasers," have a couple of ways to indulge their fantasies. The way that many go about it is by lying to trans women and harassing trans women on the street and in bars in hopes of a hookup. There are, however, some who are willing to be honest, admit that they have a fetish, admit that they don't generally think about our lives, politics or welfare, and they mostly just want to get off. They find women who know that they know this, and there's an exchange of funds. The chaser gets his t-girl fantasy, the trans woman gets her next surgery partially funded, and both parties are happy to have made an honest deal without any deception.

I feel that sex work is the most honest expression of the chaser/trans relationship. I would advise anyone who's curious about trans bodies to consider hiring an escort if you want to top, or a TS Pro Domme if you want to bottom, and indulging your fetish in an honest way that benefits us both. I've personally played with chasers. Usually the ones who seek me out are looking to worship my body or receive a pegging. Some have been more interested in being on top and I've referred them to my friends. Most chasers seem to want to top, but there's certainly many who want to try bottoming, at least once. Luckily there's dedicated, professional tops like me, with plenty of experience, who are willing to help fulfill their fantasy. Send me a booking inquiry if you'd like to know more about how I can help.


"You can see I'm single-minded, I know what I could be. How'd you feel about it, come and take a walk with me?

-Pet Shop Boys: Opportunities

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