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The start of a new chapter

Well hello my fans and admirers, welcome to my new website. I feel like this website marks a new and exciting chapter in my life and my growth as a Domme.

When I got into this work, I did it because, I only played with women at the time and I figured instead of saying "no" to men, I would simply offer a reasonable price. Being a Domme is expensive, we pay for tools, education and our play spaces. Being a frugal woman, I figured if someone wants to invest in my my art, I should allow them. Artists take paid work all the time. It's true that I have lost some artistic license playing, but this type of play is most gratifying; fulfilling fantasies as a service Top. When I slip into my corset and a man calls me Mistress, I feel more validated, beautiful and positive than any other time in my life. When he smiles at me with his eyes after a spanking, I feel needed. This is my self care and my passion.

When I started this work, I promised myself I wouldn't get lost in it, or spend more than I get out of it. I love this so much and I want to play with every bottom in need of a Top, but I can't be running a charity. I'm so glad that I've come so far to be able to run a website and promote myself to a large audience. I've had to overcome so much shame to get here, but I am not going to be ashamed of what I do. I am creating art on the back side of appreciative masochists, their flesh is my canvas, my tools are by brushes, black and blue are my pallet, and my clients are my audience. How can anyone feel ashamed of creating art?

To my friends, clients, and the sex worker community, thank you for your support. I hope this next step provides me with a wider access to clients and allows me to spread my brand further. I also hope this blog allows me to spread my sex positive dialectic within my sex positive community and beyond.

If you're considering becoming a regular, now would be a good time to set a schedule, because if this website and my future advertising go as planned, my time will soon become even more scarce and valuable.


Hailey Heartless

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