Wanna Play?

BDSM is a costly passion.
Your tribute goes to my
education, tools, and equipment.


Come and visit me at a local, well stocked dungeon. Dungeons are private and outfitted with BDSM furniture and equipment. This is the ultimate experience in domination.

1hr: $300
2hr: $500
3hr: $700
4hr: $900

Longer sessions are available at a special rate on request.

New clients wishing for a dungeon experience may be asked for a deposit of $60/hr. This is strictly to offset the cost of the dungeon and will be credited to your session.

Duo Dungeon

Play in my dungeon with me and a friend. Each of my friends can add a unique flair to our play, so check my duos list to see if there's anything you like.

Duos are fast and intense. Time flies when you're in the dungeon with two superiors, so I suggest you extend the fun and book at least two hours.

1hr: $600

2hr: $1000


My standard play session. I come to you and I bring a collection of toys hand selected to fulfill your fantasies. I am able to go to most lower mainland locations. I also charge this rate when I'm traveling and renting a non-dungeon space.

Hourly Rate: $250

For sessions longer than four hours, overnight sessions or fly to you, please inquire about rates.

Just Coffee

Maybe you just want to grab coffee and get to know each other without the whips, shackles and rope. Maybe you're a sissy or an early trans woman and you'd like an experienced trans woman to help you pick out clothes and makeup. Perhaps you're into buying me gifts and paying tribute. This is a good option before booking an incall. If you book an incall during our date, a portion of the hourly rate will be applied as a deposit.

Hourly Rate: $100

1 hour minimum

Tuck In

A special service for my most precious little babs. Allow Mommy Hailey to come to you, help you get ready for bed, tuck in the covers, scare away the monsters and read you a bed time story.

Approximately 1.5hr: $250

Cash Point Meet

You don't want to be used like a slave, so let me use you like an ATM. We meet at a coffee shop or a bank, you withdraw a wad of cash, I give you a taste of humiliation and head on my way.

Minimum $100

Gender Coaching and Affirming Touch

A service offered to transgender or questioning clients who want to know how it feels to be held, caressed, or treated in a sensual but affirming manner. This type of play can be offered in my dungeon, in a space you provide, or on a date in pubic.

This is a therepeutic service. The tribute for this type of play varies widely and depends on a number of factors including what you intend to get out of the session, what materials I need to supply, and what barriers you have to accessing gender affirming services.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$300 per hour for this service.

Education & Consulting

Workshop facilitation, consulting and one on one education sessions are tailored to fit the needs of each individual and organization.

For more infromation, see Consulting & Facilitating.


Voluntary Tribute

Giving me a present without expecting anything
in return is the best way to get my attention

If you wish to show your appreciation, I can take a voluntary tribute by credit card, or you may purchase something from my amazon wishlist.

Starbucks gift cards are appreciated, you may send me the number and code from the back.

If you're coming for a play session, you are welcome to bring gifts to your session. I love Pinot Grigio or Malbec wines. Of course, I'll always accept additional cash tributes above my standard tribute.