Healing the touch starvation that can accompany being trans

Sensual Touch for Emtional Wellness

My name is Hailey and I am a trans woman who uses my touch to heal tender transgender hearts, affirm your beauty and your sense of self, and satiate the need we all have to be held. If you have found this section of my website, you are probably going through a lot right now. Breathe, relax, I want to help you.

Sensual touch sessions can help you feel comfortable in your body, feel beautiful when you are intimate, and feel more confident and grounded in your every day life. They can also help you gain confidence as you transition. These sessions may be as simple as snuggling up and sharing cocoa, or they may be more intense and intimate.

This wellness service is available only to self identifying transgender people, including nonbinary people. If you wish to book this type of session, it would be helpful to include information about your journey, if you're currently seeing a counselor, if you're on HRT and for how long, whether you have barriers to accessing health and wellness services, what you hope to get out of the session, and if you have any body image or intimacy issues you'd like to explore. These sessions may be offered on a sliding scale.

Please use my standard contact form to inquire about a touch session. In your inquiry, state that you're interested in sensual touch.

Touch cravings can be painful, but you are absolutely not alone, and you don't need to be in pain alone. Let's talk, cry, cuddle, and feel beautiful together.

Please note that sensual touch for emotional wellness is an unlicensed, unregulated service. This type of play is not meant as a substitution for clinical treatment or therapy. If you are under the care of a doctor, counselor, or psychologist it is advisable for you to inform them of any touch cravings or intimacy problems you may be facing before accessing my services.