It would be wise to follow these rules...

1) You may address me as Mistress, Goddess, Priestess, or Hailey. If you wish to address me by another title, please ask.

2) Be on time. If you will be late, contact me. No shows forfeit their deposit and may be blocked from contacting me in the future.

3) You will not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

4) You will inform me of your known limits and any relevant medical conditions that might affect play such as injuries, pain (recent, long term or chronic), chronic infection or implanted medical devices (pacemaker/insulin pump). I will still play with you if you have a medical condition, but I will adjust my play style to accommodate.

5) My tribute will be presented to me at the beginning of play.

6) You will arrive showered and clean.

7) If you are unsure of anything, ask. If you wish to inform me of a previously undisclosed limit, then call a red light.

8) You will be honest. If I ask a question, give me an honest answer, do not tell me what I want to hear just to please me.


Professional Standards

The standards I hold myself to as a kinkster

1) My kink philosophy is PRICK: personally responsible informed consensual kink. I hold myself accountable for our safety, and I will keep you informed of the risks of most activities. I will not engage in play without your consent.

2) I believe that a Domme is a confidant. I will not share any information about your kinks, your identity, what we talk about, or our sessions.

3) I practice safer kink. I am screened for STDs every three months. I use barriers for play that requires them. I use a safe word system. I wipe down, sterilize, and maintain all my toys and equipment between sessions.

4) Experience. I have years of experience as a lifestyle kinkster. I also regularly attend workshops to develop my skills. I will not play in a way that I am not experienced and comfortable with. If you request play that I have limited experience with, I will let you know.