A few ideas to get your imagination fired up

Play Styles

It will only cost you a piece of your soul

Spiritual Domination

This style of play draws on my background as a wiccan priest. Since I became a kinkster, I've adapted several of the rites and rituals I've practiced countless times into a form of spiritual sexuality. My spiritual sexuality draws heavily on Wicca and Catolicism. It also incorporates philosophical elements of LaVeyan Satanism.

Climbing a ladder of ecstasy and pain

Endorphin Arts

This is the type of play where I got my start. This is the type of play I'm known for in the community. This is the type of play where I get to indulge in my Sadism to it's fullest.

We start with some light sensation, perhaps a fur flogger or a low setting on the violet wand. We talk about your fetishes, and we build the session up. I bind you to a piece of furniture. I apply a bit more pain, your tolerance grows. I switch to something sharp, your tolerance turns to craving. You want more pain, and I oblige with some impact play. Eventually you're begging for the sting of the needle. This is an endorphin high, this is the rush that people seek from skydiving. This is agony but it's never felt so good.

Whips, Chains, Cuffs of Leather. Come on baby, lets go.

Old School Leather

I am a lifestyle Domme classically in old hat leather by leather dykes and members of the wider BDSM community. I am perfectly happy to go back to my roots and play in styles that reflect the classical Domination aesthetic, with my own flair in my slow, sensual, intimate style. Oh yes, there will be biting.

Making manly men into girlie girls

Forced Feminization

Quickly becoming one of my favorite play styles. I strip you of your manhood, dress you up real cute, put you in makeup, and make you my little bitch. This is the perfect punishment for boys who like to fetishize trans girls. Now it's your turn to be the girl, lets see if you have the balls.

I can also offer a more affirming, gentile feminization for people who wish to explore their feminine side and feminine sexuality in a more holistic and positive way.

Explore your femininity in a shame free session

Gender Affirming Play

While it can be a service on it's own, gender affirming play is more about applying gender affirmation to another type of play. I take the feminization aspects of my forced feminization sessions and remove, or dial back, the gender specific humiliation. We'll do you makeup, pick out a name (or maybe you already have one) and have a session with you playing the role of the woman. Gender affirmation, of course, includes praise for being a good girl.

Let's do something beautiful together

Sensual Touch for Transgender Wellness

This type of play is intended for clients who are transgender, nonbinary or questioning. It is about accepting yourself, enjoying your body, and experiencing intimacy in a gender role that feels affirmative. During this session, you can open up to me about your journey and ask me questions about my own. We can talk clothes, cosmetics, and community. Find out more here.

Descend into my dedicated service

Slave Training

This isn't your ordinary trip to a Domme, this is total submission. Over the months and years we work together, I will size you up, see what your made of, and impart the wisdom and knowledge required to serve me, at my side and at my feet. 

Following a few introductionary sessions, you will likely be transformed into a sissy. You will be issued a day collar. You will be given a contract. You will be rewarded with protocol. Finally, you will be forbidden to talk to other Dommes without my permission. At that point, you will belong to me.

For those who want to serve on a more temporary basis

The Slave Experience

A bit less involved than a slave training session, this type of play involves your service to me in the way that happens to please me at the moment. You will call me Mistress, and I will call you slave. You may be required to relieve my tension by massaging my back, serving me tea, giving me a foot rub, or having me use your ass as a stress ball.

For the man who's got one thing on his mind


You have a fetish and you know what it is. It might be feet. It might be butts. It might even be armpits. I'm happy to indulge many people with a specific fetish while making sure you're fully in my service and under my command. I've been on my feet all day, why don't you give them the care and attention they deserve?

This list is by no means complete. If you wish to play in a way I haven't listed here, feel free to inquire. I pride myself in only offering play that I feel proficient at, and will let you know if your style suits mine.